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    Every Door Direct Mail Postcard Printing

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    Use Every Door Direct Mail Postcards for Affordable, Local Targeted Advertising

    Want to drive traffic to your website or foot traffic to your door?

    The internet is a great tool, but winning at Google Ads or organic search is really difficult and can be very expensive. If the internet hasn't made you rich yet, there are alternatives.

    Postcards are an effective and affordable way to announce your products and services to a targeted group, especially if your business is local. And now, with Every Door Direct Mailing (EDDM) from the USPS, the cost is even lower!

    EDDM Postcards can seem complicated (it is the Post Office, after all!), but at The Mines Press, we do everything to make the process as simple as possible.

    Step 1 - The first thing we need to know is how many postcards you're planning on mailing. To determine that, you have to go to the USPS EDDM website and pick the actual carrier routes you want to mail (I know, it sounds complicated, but we'll help you). To get started, go HERE but be sure to follow our directions below, or you will fall down the USPS rabbit hole!

    Our link should have taken you to this screen.

    Step 2 - Enter a ZIP Code or "City, State" in the search bar and hit enter. The screen should now show your area of interest, as in the screenshot below. You can see a few filters at the top, and all the routes are shown on the map in gray. The "Route" filter doesn't do anything other than show you the name of the route your cursor is on. The following filter allows you to select "business & residential" or "residential only." The word "total" shows you the total number of addresses you've chosen (by clicking on a route). "Age" is a filter you can adjust to target addresses within the age group you're targeting. "Size" and "Income" are informational only and can be "shown" or "hidden."

    Step 3 is to make your selections on the filters.

    Step 4 is to select routes. As you click on routes to select them, the total number of addresses will show on the right side under "total delivery addresses." The approximate cost shown is for postage and will vary based on some decisions you make later on in the process.

    In the screenshot below, you will see that I've selected 7 routes for 3,744 addresses (the maximum allowable is 5000).

    Now comes the tricky part. At this point, the USPS wants you to hit continue and create an account to handle doing the mailing yourself. Good luck with that! We recommend an easier option which is to let us do all the dirty work. On the upper left corner of the map is a blue tab that says "Show Table." If you click on that, the table shown has all the information we need. The routes you've selected will be highlighted in blue. You may have to scroll down to see them all. All you have to do is take a screenshot (or two) of the selected routes and send us that information when placing your order. Check out the screenshot below as an example.

    Now that you know who and how many addresses you'd like to mail, all you have to do is select the type of postcard, enter the correct quantity, upload your artwork and complete your order. The rest is up to us!

    Call us at 800-447-6788, and we’ll answer any question that you may have about EDDM printing.

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