Business Check Printing

Our collection of laser checks is guaranteed to meet all of your company's printing and security requirements, regardless if it's a multi-purpose check, a payroll check, or an account payable check.

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Preprinted Business Checks
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Applied Business Checks
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Blank Business Checks
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Preprinted & Blank Business Checks – easy-to-order and budget-friendly

In today's highly competitive world, business owners can't leave any detail unattended, especially when it comes to fulfilling payroll and accounting duties. Using all resources available, in the most effective way, is key to successfully managing a business.

Software Compatible & Custom Designs:

Our laser checks are guaranteed to severely improve security and reduce overall cost. They are formatted to be compatible with all of the business financial software in use today. We can also design your checks to work with any custom-built layouts and software programs.

  • Vertafore: AMS360, AMS AfW

  • Applied Systems: The Agency Manager (TAM), DORIS, Epic, Vision

  • Quickbooks SAGE50 (formerly Peachtree)

  • Ebix: EbixASP,

*Please note: Our checks can be designed to work with any software or custom layout. If you don't see what you are looking for, give us a call. We can still provide you with great service and help meet your company's needs at no extra cost!

Security & Fraud Protection:

The security of your agency is an important factor for us. That is why we have implemented a variety of features – at no additional charge – to help prevent fraudulent duplication of your laser checks. These security features include:

On The Front

  1. Warning Band – Indicates that the face of your check has a colored background and an artificial watermark on the back.

  2. "Intricate" Borders – Each border contains the hidden words "ORIGINAL DOCUMENT."

  3. Micro Printing – The bottom border of the check is made up of the words "ORIGINAL DOCUMENT," which can only be read with a magnifying glass, running across the entire bottom of the check.

On The Back

  1. Artificial Watermark – A crisscross pattern reading "PROTECTED DOCUMENT" (not shown).

  2. Thermochromic Printing – The red "padlock" logo on the back of the check is printed with a heat-sensitive ink that reacts to your body's warmth. The logo fades when it is warmed by your finger or breath and reappears when the check returns to room temperature.

  3. Micro Printing – The line below the words "DO NOT WRITE/SIGN/STAMP BELOW THIS LINE" is made up of the words "ORIGINAL DOCUMENT," which can only be read with a magnifying glass.

When you buy checks from the Mines Press, you can be sure that you are getting the best quality at the best price!

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