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Event Badges & Lanyards

Custom Event Badges & Lanyards

Event badges are an effective way to identify attendees and ensure a safe and secure event. Get custom credentials that quickly and easily designate entry and access levels and differentiate between vendor, sponsor, media, and VIP attendees.

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Music Tours, Game Day, Trade Shows & Conferences
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Event Badge Printing & Conference Badges

Plastic Laminated, PVC plastic, Holographic, Foil Stamped, Lenticular Animated, and Lenticular 3D event badges! No matter the size or scale of your event, custom event badges and lanyards are a great way to make a statement. They're durable, vibrant, and completely customizable, ensuring that your event looks professional and organized. Choose from various event badge shapes, sizes, and unique custom badge stocks and features.

Event Badge Materials & Sizes

  • Laminated Paper Badges are available in various sizes and durable thicknesses ranging from 18 mil. to 30 mil. event badges. Choose from high-gloss or Soft Touch lamination. Add raised foil and/or spot gloss UV for additional security from counterfeiting.
  • Plastic PVC Badges are 20 mil thick which makes these passes nearly indestructible. Also available with raised foil, spot gloss UV, and plastic lamination options.
  • Holographic Event Badges – Add eye-catching holographic foil to your plastic laminated paper badges or plastic badges.
  • Lenticular Badges – Create VIP Badges that will grab attention and be appreciated. Animated Badge Printing, where the front changes from one image to another, or 3D event badges to make your brand pop.
  • Badge Holders – Each of these materials and effects are available as cards to be inserted into a clear badge holder.

Variable Data Event Badge Printing

Quickly identify event attendees with scannable, variable badges. Our software is capable of printing different information on each badge. You simply upload a CSV file, and your order will arrive with unique data printed on each badge. Our event badges are formatted to accept unique data for name, ticket type, picture, user role, company, section, row, seat, VIP pass, and barcode/QR Code.

Adding Barcodes and QR Codes to Your Event Badges

When adding a barcode or QR code, be sure it prints large and clear enough to be scanned correctly.

  • Barcodes – Adding a barcode to a badge is the most simple way to track attendees, as a mobile app or separate scanning device can scan it. The code carries an attendee ID number that can later be matched to an attendee.
  • QR Codes – QR Codes work similarly to barcodes as another device also scans them, but they can include a lot more attendee information, such as name, title, location, contact info, or even social media handles, which is perfect for lead retrieval for your exhibitors.

Designing Your Event Badges

Not only do you want your design to look attractive and secure, but you also want it to be clear and concise for your attendees, exhibitors, and staff. Here are the top elements you should consider including on your attendee badge and how:

  • Attendee Info: Depending on your event, the name and title of an attendee should be the focus of the badge. Use a large enough font that will be clear and readable from a few feet away. If security is essential, including a photo of your attendees on their badges is also worth considering.
  • Attendee Status: Both for security and logistical reasons, it's a good idea to include whether a person is a general attendee, speaker, VIP pass, exhibitor, staff, etc. This can be easily added with text inside a color block at the top or bottom of the badge.
  • Sponsorship: Add your sponsor's logo and information to your badge.
  • Back of Your Badge: This is valuable real estate for information your guests will appreciate having close at hand during the event. Here are a few ideas: Event layout, schedule, Wi-Fi password, event hashtags, and sponsor information.
  • Lanyards – Add your logo to create a matching lanyard.

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