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Everyone Loves a Great Sticker

Stickers have and will always be a part of pop-culture and everyday life. If from a brand we adore and just have to show it, to a sticker that just identifies with who we are. From branding fruits to embracing the american family, they are all around us.

5 Popular Pizza Chain Logos Revamped

Everyone loves pizza, but did you notice that 5 popular chains changed their logo? We thought it would be neat to take a look at how their logos have changed to stay current and to appeal to newer generations.

The Mines Press is a Qualified G7 Master

G7 allows print providers to deliver the highest possible color match with less preparation and waste, ultimately providing a higher quality product at a lower cost.  Find out more.

The Desks of Nelson & Murdock and Saul Goodman

Even Nelson & Murdock of Daredevil and James Morgan "Jimmy" McGill (Saul Goodman) of Breaking Bad need professional looking stationery and presentation products...

Why Buy Made-in-America Products?

When you buy American-made products, your dollar is doing much more than you think. You are keeping money in the U.S. and bolstering our economy, while helping to create jobs.  You’ll be standing up for human rights and helping the environment.

Olympic Games Logo Designs 1912 - 2022

Throughout the Olympic Games’ history there have been some beautifully designed logos as well as some seriously awful ones. You be the judge.

How to Repeat Any Object Using the Blend Tool in Illustrator [Tutorial]

Ever wanted to know how to repeat objects made in Adobe Illustrator? This niffy tutorial will step you the simple process of using the blend tool to achieve repetition on just about anything you can think of.

Spaceballs 2 - The Teaser Poster

We normally don't blog about things we see on our way to work, but when you witness over 30 "Spaceballs 2 - The Search For More Money" Teaser Posters hanging on the walls in a lower Manhattan subway station, you better blog about it!

2016 Oscar Movie Poster Fonts

We love all things "print" here at The Mines Press, so we decided to take a deep look into the font faces used in movie posters in this years Oscar nominated best picture category.

Stop Texting and Driving - It Can’t Be Said Enough

Texting while driving is now illegal in most states, but so far, it hasn't stopped texting from being a constant threat to our safety on the roads. Last year alone, 28% of all car accidents (that's 1.1 million) were caused by texting and driving. Summing up to 448,000 injuries and 5,474 deaths...

Reaching Out to Consumers on the Go: Mobile Sites vs. Mobile Apps

While we certainly recommend making both a mobile site and a native app available to your customers, it's understood that this is not always possible. Small businesses often need to judiciously apply their time...

Benefits of Building a Custom App for Your Business

In order for any business to be successful, it has to provide its customers with the most convenience and the most utility it possibly can. These days, more than half of American adults own smartphones, and pundits predict that 2014 is the year where mobile Internet will overtake desktop...

How to Use Promotional Items to Create Brand Awareness

With ever-increasing competition, it is vital that we look out for different ways to stay Number-One in our customers' minds and stay ahead in the game. One such trend is offering promotional items at trade shows, exhibitions, seminars, meetings, gatherings, and so on...

3 Invaluable Tools for Small Businesses

The process of starting a new business can be challenging. Regardless of your industry or how much experience you have, obstacles can often appear around every corner. A combination of limited manpower, time, and working capital can all factor into operating a small business.

Simple Ideas to Customize Your Smartphone Case

We all need to protect our phones. It’s an item that goes everywhere with us. They assist us on everyday tasks, and keep us connected at all times. This makes smartphone cases a hot promotional product right now. Last year over 3 billion smartphones cases were sold worldwide...

The 3 Most Iconic Promotional T-Shirts of all Time

Promotional t-shirts are always a great way to get exposure for your brand. For most, this is not news. Its a proven promotional product that works. Some promotional t-shirts have become icons. Not just promotional icons. They have become a must-have item for trendy wardrobes...

Eco-Friendly Promotional  Products: It’s Not A Trend, It’s The Right Way To Promote Your Business

Reports show that young adults and college grads are in the front lines of the “green lifestyle”, which means that eco-friendly products have a bright future ahead. If you have a starting small business or you are looking...

The Shortcut to Recognition: 5 Quick Tips For Great Logo Design For Small Businesses

Your logo is not your brand; it’s a visual representation of what your brand stands for. It’s a snapshot of its identity and a mental shortcut to recognition. We have put together 5 quick tips for great logo design...

Ask the Expert: Can Social Media be effective for Insurance Agents

Linda Rey, from The Rey Insurance Agency Inc. has become an influential person for her industry through social media and has at the moment almost 10,000 followers on twitter @ReyInsurance. We asked Linda...

The Swag Bag: Better options for your next golf outing.

Generally speaking, swag bags at golf outings suck. Aside from a sleeve of golf balls, and maybe some tees, the majority of them get left behind or tossed out. The usual choices of a few plastic ball markers, or cheap divot repair tools don't usually interest golfers. They're boring and they...