Why Buy Made-in-America Products?

Made in America

Do you consider where a product is made before purchasing it?

When you buy American-made products, your dollar is doing much more than you think. You are keeping money in the U.S. economy, creating jobs, standing up for human rights and helping the environment.

We created this infographic to best illustrate some key problems with sending our money overseas, because let’s face it, we are sending much more than just money… we are sending our jobs. Our future. We all know someone who is out of work and the hardships this brings. It really is quite simple...keeping money in the United States translates to more jobs for Americans! And at the same time, we are not supporting child labor and the horrible working conditions of countries with little or no human rights regulations.

This is one of the biggest problems facing America right now, and a major topic for the upcoming Hillary Clinton/Donald Trump presidential election. We can only partly rely on the government to help this situation. The rest is up to us. If you remain mindful of your purchasing decisions, we can take control of our country’s economic future.

Made in America Infographic

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