The Swag Bag: Better options for your next golf outing.

Golf Swag Bags

Generally speaking, swag bags at golf outings are underwhelming at best. Aside from a sleeve of golf balls, and maybe some tees, the majority of them get left behind or tossed out. The usual choices of a few plastic ball markers, or cheap divot repair tools don't usually interest golfers. They're boring and they shouldn't be.

Golf swag bags are a great opportunity to show your appreciation to the attendees. It is also a great way to get some additional exposure.

To help make your next golf outing a success we've put together some of the better choices for golfers. There are quite a few golfers here at The Mines Press so we're only listing the golf accessories we would keep and use ourselves.

Littering the bottoms of golf bags everywhere are those cheap plastic ball markers. Sure, golfers need a ball marker or two. So, don't toss the idea out. Just pick a better ball marker. Our suggestion, throw out both the cheap ball marker and the plastic divot tool and combine them instead.

Aluminum Divot Tool With Ball marker

We liked this aluminum divot tool with ball marker a lot. It combines the ball marker and divot tool into one very useful promotional item. This tool is the type of swag your attendees will use beyond your golf outing.

divot tool

Liberty Gline 11.5/Clay poker chips

If you want to stick with regular ball markers, consider using something like these clay poker chips. They'll stand out in the swag bag and golfers love using them on the green.

Golf Poker Chips

Long Tees.

Next up, tees and golf balls. This is an easy one. The golfers are pretty much expecting these. If you want to further impress your golfers follow the trends. These days the long tees are popular because of the large-headed drivers. Keep it simple and cheap with these golf tees from LONGTEES.

Sand Trap Tees

Logo Golf balls

Choosing golf balls for your outing all depends on budget. We recommend keeping it simple here too. Go for a midrange ball and customize it with your logo. Your attendees will be happy.

Golf Business Cards

Golf Tee Cigar Holder.

While the next item might not work for everyone, it was favorably received by the golfers here at The Mines Press. Put your logo on one of these inexpensive cigar holders and you'll be sure to make many golfers happy. No need to toss their cigars into the grass when they hit that next shot. You could also consider adding a cutter and matches with your logo on it as well.

Tee Cigar

Custom head cover

We thought we'd choose something fun for our last golf-themed item to include in your swag bag. Keeping everyone smiling should be the focus of your golf outing, afterall! So, with that in mind we decided on a fun golf club head cover. There are many to chose from. We liked the Gund plush golf club head cover the best.

Plush Golf

How about gifts that aren't golf themed? We asked around to find out what other items people would find useful while on the course at their next golf outing. Some people suggested water bottles, keychains or polo shirts as an option. These secondary options are all great but will depend on your budget.

If you stick to the essentials we listed above you'll be sure to put smiles on everyone's faces.