The Advantage of Using Full-Color Advertising flyers

full color advertising flyers

Flyers can be used for attracting attention to events such as store grand openings, fundraisers, local charity events, political rallies, offering discount coupons or providing information. Effective, eye-catching advertising flyers do not have to be expensive. Commercial printers offer more sophisticated design options and even flyers specific to different industries and occasions.

They also provide a higher quality printing than that you can obtain from a home ink jet printer. Both options offer a cheap way to print advertising flyers. To decide whether to use a commercial printer or print from home, evaluate the number of flyers you will need. For more than 250 flyers, it is often cheaper to use a commercial printer. Using a commercial printer will cost from 10 cents to 50 cents per flyer (not including shipping) depending on size, paper quality, and quantity of advertising flyers printed compared to printing from home which costs 5 cents to 25 cents per flyer.

Why Print Color Flyers

Many small businesses choose advertising flyers when they need an easy, low-cost marketing piece. For the best results, full color flyer printing is the way to attract the most attention. You've probably been handed many black and white advertising flyers on the street or may have seen them posted on telephone poles.  So why should you print in full color? Here are just a few of the advantages that full color flyer printing offers.

Advantage No. 1: Full color advertising flyers catch the eye much more easily than black and white flyers. Even when black text is printed on colored paper, the words run together into a blurry mass and the reader’s eyes will glaze over. Headlines barely stand out, any images included go unnoticed, and worst of all, your call to action is lost somewhere in a sea of black ink.

With full color flyer printing, your images will draw a viewer's eye like a child to candy. A colored headline will jump out from the rest of the text. Your all-important call to action can be brought to attention with a border or starburst. And using printing techniques such as full bleed and printing on a gloss coated paper will make your advertising flyers look that much more enticing.

Advantage No. 2: Branding is easy when you use full color flyer printing. Without your brand stamped on every marketing tool you use, your company will go unnoticed. With so many choices available to consumers no matter the industry, businesses need to supply customers with associative tools to remain in their memories. For instance, the red and white corporate colors of the Coca Cola logo are recognized worldwide.

Incorporate your brand colors into your flyer, being careful not to use too many colors. Stick with two to four at the most so as not to overwhelm readers with too much activity. Never forget your logo. Place this in a spot where it can be easily noticed so that consumers have a symbol with which to associate your company.

Advantage No. 3: Unlike black and white advertising flyers, full color flyers are easy to design. Trying to make your main points stand out when all of your text is the same color can be nearly impossible, especially when designers advise you to stick with only two different font types and sizes.

With full color flyer printing, it’s easy to make your main message noticeable while following rules of design. Use boxes, different fonts, borders, different colors, and even blank spaces (known as white space) to separate information. Incorporating more than one of these techniques enable you to highlight different aspects of information while avoiding too much of each technique.

Advantage No. 4: Contrary to popular belief, professional full color flyer printing is comparable in price to black and white printing on your office ink jet or laser printer.  Businesses forget about those hidden costs such as the toner, the drum, and paper when using their inkjet to print black and white advertising flyers. And then there's the time spent loading the printer with paper, printing, and folding each flyer.

With a professional printing company like The Mines Press, you can get much more options for the same or even lower costs as in-office printing. We offer timesaving services, and the more you order, the less you pay per flyer.  We can even offer you mailing services.

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