The 3 Most Iconic Promotional T-Shirts of all Time

Promotional t-shirts are always a great way to get exposure for your brand.

For most, this is not news. Its a proven promotional product that works.

Some promotional t-shirts have become icons. Not just promotional icons.They have become a must-have item for trendy wardrobes.

They have helped the brand they represent stand tall over the years and they just seem to never fade away.

We thought it’d be cool to list some of the most iconic promotional t-shirts of all time, to show you how something that was meant to be a promotional item turned into part of our pop culture.

I (heart) NY

This t-shirt made his debut in 1977, designed by Milton Glaser as part of an advertising campaign to bring tourism to the state of New York.:

Since then it has become an iconic t-shirt. New Yorkers till this day still wear it proudly and it’s a must-buy for any tourist that comes to New York City.

I heart NY

The concept was clean and simple, a white t-shirt with the letter “I” and a red heart (love) on top of the letters “N” and “Y”, all letters in black.

NY tshirts

Now after 35 years, it has been called by many one of the greatest tourism marketing campaigns of all time.

These days you can find it in any street of the city, and they come in all sizes, colors and shapes.

Rolling Stones Lips & Tongue:

Concert t-shirts have always been a success. But the Lips & Tongue t-shirt has gone further than any other concert t-shirt could even dream of going.

stones tshirt

The logo was design in 1970 by John Pasche, the pop art design perfectly encapsulated Mick Jagger's sensuous lips and the band's rebelliousness and has been in continuous use by the Rolling Stones ever since.

rolling stones tshirts

It’s been over 40 years since its released, and this Rolling Stones trade mark can still be seen all over the world. It’s a fashion icon, a promotional t-shirt that transcend the music of one the greatest bands of all time, you don’t even have to like the band to wear it, but for the record, we still love the Stones.


We may be a bit impartial about this one, since we are a New York based company, and we love Rock & Roll, but it doesn’t make it any less iconic, Pop or should I say Punk culture at its best.

CBGB logo

CBGB was a legendary music club located in the heart of New York City.

Founded in 1973 by Hilly Kristal, it quickly became the home base for the Punk and New Wave movement from the 70’s and early 80’s.

CBGB OMFUG is an acronym for Country Bluegrass Blues and Other Music For Uplifting Gormandizers.

Kristal’s ex-wife Karen has claimed credit for designing the logo (not official and debated till this day).

CBGB movie postersimpsons CBGB tshirt

CBGB officially closed its doors in 2006, but this iconic promotional t-shirt can still be seen all over the world, and it'll most likely be around for a long time. The brand lives on, a movie about the club will be released later this year and a music festival under the same name is also growing in popularity.

These are only a few examples of how promotional t-shirts can help your brand get exposure and grow beyond the limits of your target audience.

All three of these t-shirts have done that, and they will keep doing it for a long time.