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Spaceballs: The Luggage

Spaceballs: The Luggage

When you are surounded by assholes and you just need a vacation... this is the luggage for you.  

  • Three piece luggage set with BALL-O-FLEX case:
    1) Tiny Schwartz 2) Average Schwartz 3) XL Schwartz (fits dark helmets) 
  • For all kinds of interstellar travel. Magnetic body to guarantee your luggage stays secure during speeds of up to Lightspeed. (Ludicrous speed at your own risk.)
  • Secure 5-digit combination lock – pre-set to 1-2-3-4-5. (We suggest that you change the combination at your earliest convenience.) 
  • Lightweight. If need be, you could carry two or three of these with no problem.
  • Storage sleeves for Peri-Air Cans 

Note: In case of an emergency, or someone beats the shit out of you and steals your cloths, there is a hidden compartment large enough to store an additional standard issue Spaceball Uniform. (Uniform not included.)

$420.69 Space Bucks.


(Even in the future)

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