Simple Ideas to Customize Your Smartphone Case

We all need to protect our phones. It’s an item that goes everywhere with us. They assist us on everyday tasks, and keep us connected at all times. This makes smartphone cases a hot promotional product right now.

Last year over 3 billion smartphones cases were sold worldwide. Most companies have their own designs, and they are not shy about giving them away to push their brands on the consumers. However, if you are tired of those generic brand designs why not chose you own custom smartphone case.

Or even better, would you like to CREATE your own design? No worries my friends, we are here to help!

There are a few websites out there that will let you get your own custom case, with no minimums involved, and great prices. The tools are out there, so it's time to get creative. We have put together a list of simple ideas to customize your smartphone cases to help you get inspired.

Lets take a look!


Your kids’ drawings never fail to put a smile on your face. Their innocence still lets them express themselves in ways that we adults can’t anymore.

Their drawings are portraits of the way they see the world. We often hang then on our walls, on our fridge door, or neatly store them for future amusement.

Here’s an idea, lets take those drawings to go!

Grab a few drawings from your kids and turn them into smartphone cases. You can make them for yourself, use them as family gifts, or give them back to your kids to encourage them to make more

kids drawings on your smartphone

put your childrens drawings on your phone

make your favorite artwork into a phone case

Family Pictures:

It’s always comforting to have our love ones with us. Many of us used to carry family photos in our wallets, but these days most of us just have multiple pictures stored in our phones. We love to share them with our friends, co-workers, and mostly anybody who wants to see them.

Here's an idea, customize you smartphone case with a family picture!

It’s a great way to have your love ones close to you at all times and share them with everybody. Family trips, new family members, precious moments, our pets, everybody qualifies to make your smartphone case an instant feel good device.

Just find that picture that you love and get your own custom case.

family photo cases

your childrens special moments on a phone case

family vacation photo cases

Our Beloved Pets:

We know that they are part of the family, and we know that we’ve already included them in the previous category, but true pet lovers know why we need a category dedicated exclusively for them.

That’s all that we are going to say.


pet phone case

pet smartphone cases

There's no reason to be stuck with something that you don't like anymore. Make something you LOVE!

Take advantage of the tools that are available out there for you and get creative.

Now it's time for you to start creating you own custom case.