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Time to release some stressWritten by Erica Landis

For adults and children alike, many neurological conditions come with anxiety and sensory issues. Neurologists have suggested stress balls as a possible coping technique. Stress balls may help with concentration as well as the dreaded carpal tunnel syndrome. With our keyboard filled world, everyone knows someone who’s had that painful condition. And flexing the muscles in our always working hands just simply feels good.

For me, stress manifests in a few ways. I may bark at a coworker or lose my cool when I’ve asked my daughter to put on her shoes for the twelfth time each morning. But my most instantaneous relief from stress is food. Overeating. I’ll shove a candy bar or bagel in my mouth at the first sign of aggravation. Stress reliever toys have been a great replacement. It gives me something else to physically do with my hands! If I’m squeezing a stress reliever toy, I will buy some time before my impulses take over to reach for a snack. And hopefully, deter me from another ingested cookie or doughnut.

When you give out stress reliever balls to promote your business, it’s a great way to spread a light-hearted emotion in a stressful world. It’s something fun and useful for the whole family.

There are so many different shapes and sizes to choose from! They can look like a Rubik’s® cube, Lego®, house, baseball, soccer, football or even a hockey puck. But when you pick them up and squeeze them, you instantly smile.

Maybe a squishy heart stress ball will make you smile when you think of your upcoming doctor appointment instead of feel anxiety. Or that squishy mini beachball will remind you of the importance of family vacations. Squeeze that ball when you’re back to “the grind” and start planning for your next getaway.

Giving away stress reliever toys add a human touch to your business in two ways. Not only will your customer physically have your logo in their hands for at least a few minutes, but a promotional stress reliever toy will remind your customers of the importance of a good life/work balance. And they’ll associate that with your company.

We all are in this world together. Let’s try to make it a little less stressful. Just give it a good squeeze.

Stress Balls

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