Promotional Wall Calendars

Promotional Logo Wall Calendars are a time-proven marketing product that has played an essential role in helping many companies accomplish their promotional goals, one year at a time. 

This is why the Mines Press has put together a selection of promo business wall calendars that will allow you to find the perfect marketing item for any branding style and business budget.

Personalized 2022 wall calendars make the most of every advertising dollar

Year after year, promotional wall calendars have been a proven method of marketing because they are useful and they draw attention. Without realizing it, people glance at a wall calendar quite a few times per day, and each time they do, they see your company name.

In fact, it has been proven that customers who were given a wall calendar –with a business imprint– purchase the products or services of the company that gifted the calendar to them. 

With over 150 promotional wall calendars designs to choose from, you can be sure that you wil find exactly the right marketing product that will appeal to your customers. 

Themes include: Americana, scenic landscapes, travel, golf, puppies and kittens, antique autos, cooking... just to name a few.

Make the next year a special one for your customers by sending them your new 2022 promotional wall calendar. It's sure to be a calendar that they will be happy to hang on their wall.