The Desks of Nelson & Murdock and Saul Goodman

Every business has its own stationery set that is made up of envelopes, business cards and letterheads – especially lawyers. Even Nelson & Murdock of Daredevil and James Morgan "Jimmy" McGill (or Saul Goodman) of Breaking Bad need to look professional.

We have taken the time to recreate the desks of Matt Murdock and Saul Goodman (World's Greatest Lawyer), because let’s face it, the directors are not going to spend much time showing you this level of detail that the prop-designers created. These props are just suppose to be background pieces to be seen at a glance.

Being big fans of both these shows, we thought it would be both fun and interesting to take a glimpse at the desks of these critically acclaimed TV shows.

Daredevil Nelson Murdock Desk

The Desk of Nelson & Murdock, by Robert Schweizer

  • Brailliant BI 40 Brail Machine by Humanware
  • Daredevil Cane Movie Prop Replica
  • Sunglasses by Magnoli Clothiers
  • Zonita Stylus Pen
  • Foil-Stamped Oxford Textured Pocket Folder
  • Stationery Letterhead, Envelope & Business Card

Better Call Saul Desk

The Desk of Saul Goodman, by Todd Cruikshank

  • Stationery Letterhead, Envelope and Business Card
  • Hampton 11 Oz. C-Handle Ceramic Mug
  • Better Call Saul Matches
  • Chesapeake Banker Desk Lamp

"The Desk of Nelson & Murdock” is a parody of the Netflix Studios Daredevil television show. Daredevil copyright is believed to belong to Disney–ABC Domestic Television and Marvel.

"The Desk of Saul Goodman” is a parody of Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad – Copyright AMC TV. AMC TV original series.

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