Mugging for Attention

Written by Erica Landis

Contemplating our lives…

Pondering life’s mysteries…

Chats with friends, coworkers, or just the voices in our heads…

Coffee breaks…

Grabbing a drink after work…

Late nights fueled by caffeine…

What do all these moments have in common? Ready for it? A beverage. Beverages ground us. They’re the basis of socialization. And the basis for private time.

When I was a little kid, I stayed up very late at night watching the little black and white television I had in my room. There were four kids in my family. My mother was exhausted. Those little televisions kept us in our beds and gave her a chance to breath. And sleep. I watched Mary Tyler Moore repeats and old movies with fancy ladies and dapper men. Everyone was coiffed and groomed 24/7 and every scene started the same way.

“Would you like a drink?” asked the gentleman.

Sometimes the lady would reply “No, thank you. I don’t drink.”

I was so confused by this! What do you mean “you DON’T drink?!” Drinking is optional?! I don’t have to drink my water or Hawaiian Punch?? Side note: It was the mid 1970’s. Don’t judge the Hawaiian Punch.

I finally asked my mother if everybody needed to drink. She stifled a laugh while explaining alcohol to seven-year-old me.

Like I said, beverages are the great unifier. 

I have a new boss at my job. In the first two weeks, I managed to do two things that perturbed him. When he wanted to bring these two things to my attention, he very nicely said, “Come join me for a cup of coffee in the breakroom.” And then he let it rip. But we were discussing it all over two delightful, steaming hot mugs of coffee.

I reiterate…BEVERAGES. They provide comfort. They give us something to do with our hands. They give us the chance to sip them slowly, buying time when we’re not quite sure what we’re going to say next at a meeting. Or on a date. Or in life.

I’m a mug girl. I drink almost everything out of a mug. Most likely because our cabinets are filled with them. For us, they are required souvenirs from amusement parks, famous restaurants, Broadway shows, trips, vacations and promotional drinkware from companies that appreciate my business. And every morning, I scan my kitchen cabinet for the mug of my current mood.

We have a snarky pair that says, “Mr. Right” and the matching “Mrs. Always Right”. I have a petite and ladylike mug made of off-white porcelain with a hand-painted fancy Victorian lady on it. Under her picture, in the scrolliest of cursive it reads “Wench”.

I look at each and every mug in my kitchen cabinet. Every single morning. I study the shapes and sizes. Colors and messages. Graphics and text. The mugs stare out at me as my coffee maker drips. It’s amazing how much drinkware we’ve collected over the years. Each one reminding us of a moment or place we’d forgotten.

Promotional drinkware puts your company at the front of the cupboard. And you can never have too many mugs.

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