Let’s Get Personal

Written by Erica Landis

Hello there. My name is Erica Landis and I’m thrilled to be writing for The Mines Press. Through my stories you’ll read here on their blog, you’ll hopefully get a giggle or two. Maybe you’ll identify with my busy life of working full-time, having kids, having too many bills, but still making time for what matters. And what matters to each of us is very personal.

I started my writing career in Mrs. Kelly’s second grade class with a tear-jerking essay about a No. 2 pencil. My mother was so proud after that parent teacher conference. Mrs. Kelly said I was a real writer. I was that little kid that grinned a goofy smile when the teacher said to “take out your English books, children.”

Six years later, I went on to write myself and my 8th grade friends into a 1980’s General Hospital storyline. It was the era of Luke and Laura. I wanted in on the excitement of Port Charles. So, I made it happen. The notebook pages were passed around the lunch table like wildfire. I personalized that soap opera story for my purposes. All my classmates read feverishly hoping they’d make an appearance in the evolving storyline. I wanted my words to be read. And they were. It was an amazing feeling.

From that lunch table, I’ve gone on to be published by countless sites (OK, I’ve counted…it’s 25) And every single time I have a story published, I’m as excited as that 8th grade version of me at the lunch table.

This year, I was chosen by Good Housekeeping magazine as one of “Fifty Over Fifty Women Doing Inspiring Things” for my writing on child loss. Mind blown. Good Housekeeping was a far cry from that New Jersey lunch table.

I’m not a very private person. In fact, I tend to have my best days when I blurt out something very silly, very personal, and borderline inappropriate. Those are the days I really connect. It may be a quick exchange while I’m ringing up a customer, or a deep conversation I find myself pulled into. The days when I honestly answer the rhetorical question of ‘how are you?’ or the days when I ask that same question and really want to hear the honest answer.

Opening yourself up to the shared human experience is scary as hell yet incredibly rewarding. Getting personal. Dropping the facades and finding your “people” and maybe even your purpose.

In my personal blog, I write often about my life after losing my two-year-old son, Noah, in a swimming pool accident in 2010. I write about rebuilding my life. I write about the struggle. I write about laughing again with the birth of my daughter, Miriam, three years later. I write about all the little details in life that matter. It really is in the details. I make personal connections through words. Because that’s what we’re here to do. Get personal.

Put yourself out there. Put your business out there. Get personal.

Get personal with me through my blog at AtoptheFerrisWheel.com.

Keep reading The Mines Press blog for my insights into how they can help YOUR business get personal, and create a unified professional look for your company.

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