Lenticular Printing - How to get your artwork ready.

In the printing industry we use lenticular technology to turn plain images into something much more interesting by adding depth and movement to your images. Lenticular effects will give you different options to stand out if you are searching for promotional products that will instantly catch the eye.

Flip Image

Lenticular printing give us the option of grabbing two distinct images and create an image that will flip back and fourth right in front of your eyes when the image is viewed from different angles, and most importantly, in front of your new potential customers eyes.

lenticular business cardsanimated business card

Adding this effect to your business cards will give you an immediate promotional advantage over competitors that keep using a more classic approach to this fundamental process of reaching out.

Artwork for flip

In order for us to make a great product we need to get the right images from you, so we can guarantee an optimal end result.

Here are the specifications:

  • Send us two images (one for each flip)
  • Artwork must be prepared to at least fit the desire size (we can make them smaller and keep the quality of the image, but if we make them bigger we will lose quality). It also needs to have 1/8” bleed on all sides for editing purposes.
  • The images need to be presented in any of the following formats: PSD, AI, eps, jpeg, tif or PDF file.
  • The color model needs to be CMYK to assure color accuracy (color printout must be included)
  • We strongly recommend that you use a minimum font size of 12pt (sans-serif). A smaller or different style font can get really confusing and it could possibly reduce the clarity of your brand or your message.
  • We can create a product for you in a variety of sizes, from a business card to something as large as 13” x 19”, which is our maximum capability.
  • You also need to decide what’s going to be on the back of your lenticular print.
  • We offer three options:
  • You can add regular print on the back with more information about you or your business, or you can get creative and come up with something fun and useful, giving your customers an extra reason to keep them around.
  • We also have them available with magnetic or sticker backing to give you the option of having them constantly in display.