Labor Law Posters

The Mines Press' labor law posters meet every state and federal requirement, keeping your business in full compliance. Your business will be covered, no matter where it is located.

  • Includes all state and federally required notices
  • Attorney-reviewed to keep you in compliance
  • English and Spanish version

Purchase your federal labor law and state labor law posters as individual posters or as a discounted set.

Why Do You Need Federal and State Labor Law Posters?

It is required by law that all companies with one or more paid employees—no matter which state or states they do business in—display the most recent federal and state labor law posters.

These laws are continually being updated. Every time a mandatory state or federal change occurs, it is your job as a business owner to update your posters and display them in an area where your employees can easily see them. Areas like employee time clocks, entrances, and break rooms are popular places to display this information because employees frequent them.

Displaying the most up-to-date federal and state law posters is vital for your company. Aside from the fact that compliance is not optional, these postings can help prevent government fines and can help your defense in the event of a lawsuit. Our posters are developed by a team of attorneys who continually monitor and interpret posting requirements—giving you the peace of mind of knowing that your company is in full compliance. 

Any labor law poster you purchase from The Mines Press is guaranteed to be compliant with current state and federal employment laws at the time of purchase. Should you ever receive an out-of-date poster from us, we will ship you a brand new one free of charge and refund your purchase.

2020 Minimum Wage Increase

In 2020, 22 states will have raised their minimum wage rates - bringing more than half of U.S. states above the federal minimum wage
Make sure your business has the most up-to-date mandatory posters required by both the Federal and State governments.
Poster information includes:
  • Minimum wage
  • Employee Polygraph Protection Act, Employee Rights
  • OSHA, Job Safety
  • Most up-to-date EEOC - Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  • FMLA - Family and Medical Leave Act
  • Fair labor standards act
  • Any special state laws that apply
Federal Poster is available in either English or Spanish. State labor law posters are available in either English or Spanish version for most states.

2020 Paid Employee Sick Leave

Many states and local governments have already introduced new or expanded paid sick leave laws. Arizona, California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington are just some of the states that have these laws in place.
Additionally, some cities and counties — including New York City, Minneapolis, Chicago, Cook County in Illinois, and Philadelphia — have issued their own paid sick leave laws. The laws vary greatly. They differ in the amount of leave allowed and how it’s accrued. Other variables include when employees can begin to earn and use leave.

2020 Mandatory Sexual Harassment Prevention

The number of workplace discrimination charges filed with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has been on the decline. However, sexual harassment charges have increased — likely due to greater awareness from the #MeToo movement. Harassment prevention has never been more important. And many state and local governments agree. Lawmakers require businesses to train employees and post notices regarding their rights and responsibilities. For example:
  • Connecticut businesses with three or more employees must post notices to workers concerning the illegality of sexual harassment and remedies available to victims of sexual harassment.
  • The Vermont Department of Labor has issued a Sexual Harassment Is Illegal notice that is mandatory for all employers. The poster describes what sexual harassment is, how to report it, and consequences for those who commit sexual harassment.
Sexual harassment continues to be a hot topic, and more laws — and poster requirements — are anticipated in the coming months.