Kindness Rocks!

Beautiful Kindness RocksWritten by Erica Landis
Photo by Caroline Mewing

A Little Goes A Long Way

Rocks. Good old-fashioned rocks have been a part of our childhoods forever. But have you ever found a painted rock? Or even painted one yourself?

Some people call it the “Hide and Seek Rock Game”, "Kindness Rocks" or "The Traveling Rock Project."

On one side you paint your message of kindness. An inspiring or encouraging word or phrase. Something a stranger would be happy to discover. On the other side, you put your hashtag (i.e. #KindErica) so people can share where they found it. Many people are surprised to find that their rock has made it across America or even to another country!

Kindness Rock Hashtags

One day, my daughter came home from school with a painted rock. “We painted rocks today! Then we hid them on the playground!”

At four years old, they’re not quite writing kind messages. But the lesson of creating some personal beauty through art and watching it travel the playground was a great start.

We have since painted a ton more (pun intended) rocks that we’ve found on our nature walks around our neighborhood. We pick up rocks that will be perfect for our design or secret message. I’ll keep a few in our car and when we find ourselves on a weekend adventure, we’ll leave a rock. A little bit of our family will meander out into this great big world,

For more information about how to play the Hide and Seek Rock Game, check out Learn how to paint your rocks here at The Kindness Rocks Project.

Promotional Pens

Pens can be thought of as the promotional kindness rock!

Just imagine how many people your pen will be passed around to.

I always have a pen on me. The pen I choose is usually the one whose ink flows the smoothest. It’s the one that doesn’t make dents in my fingers while I am in the throes of writing ideas for a story. It carries my words until the next great pen comes along. Or until I lose it. Or someone borrows it and doesn’t give it back.

Have you ever asked someone to borrow their pen? The answer is usually “Sure, here ya’ go!”

But occasionally you will meet someone who face can’t hide the panic caused by your question. He may fumble around, pretending he doesn’t have one, when you know for sure he does. He may carefully position the point and the cap, handing it over with an intense warning of “I need this pen back.”

Pens are borrowed constantly. And rarely returned. When your company’s name is imprinted on a promotional pen, it’s as good as a traveling billboard. People always read the message on a pen when it’s handed to them. It’s just instinctual.

Promotional pens will always be used. Over and over. By all sorts of people. When you give out a pen, it’s like your company is starting on an adventure. Your company’s name, phone number, website, and slogan will get around.

The Kindness Rocks Project teaches us that a little can go a very long way. A little kindness and a little gift like your promo pen.

Maybe we should start adding a hashtag to all our promo products to see where they end up!


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