Labor Law Posters

The Mines Press' labor law posters meet every state and federal posting requirement, keeping your agency in full compliance. 

  • Includes all state and federally required notices
  • Attorney-reviewed to keep you in compliance

Why Do You Need Federal and State Law Posters?

Your insurance agency needs them because compliance isn't optional.  All companies with at least one paid employee must display the most current federal and state labor law postings,  no matter what state you do business in. 

Labor laws change all the time. Whenever a mandatory state or federal change occurs, businesses are legally required to update the postings.  An updated labor law poster must be displayed at each agency location and should be located in areas where employees and applicants gather, such as near break rooms, entrances or time clocks.

Displaying current federal and state posters can help prevent government fines and support your defense in the event of a lawsuit. Our posters are developed by a team of attorneys who continually monitor and interpret posting requirements – giving you the peace of mind of knowing that your insurance agency is in full compliance. 

The Mines Press carries the most updated versions of these posters and allows you to purchase them individually (federal or state) or as a discounted set.