Calendar Magnets

There probably aren't many households that don't have at least one imprinted calendar magnet on the kitchen refrigerator. And that's what makes them such a great promotional product!

When you put your agency's name on a customized calendar magnet, it will be seen multiple times a day, giving your insurance agency long-lasting promotional exposure.

Magnet Calendars get your foot in their door and on their fridge

With their colorful designs, magnetic calendars personalized with your agency's custom imprint are sure to catch everyone’s attention. Add your insurance agency's logo, contact information, business message, or any content that you need to get in front of your clients.

Features and benefits of calendar magnets:

  • Virtually any insurance agency can use them as a marketing tool and benefit from their exposure potential.
  • Promotional calendar magnets are guaranteed to be seen because they are always displayed in the most popular place in the house – in the kitchen, on the refrigerator door. 
  • When placed on a desk, table or countertop, these calendar magnets invite your clients to take one and leave with a reminder of your agency and services, or they can be mailed with greeting cards, invoices or year-end statements.