How to Use Promotional Items to Create Brand Awareness

With ever-increasing competition, it is vital that we look out for different ways to stay Number-One in our customers' minds and stay ahead in the game. One such trend is offering promotional items at trade shows, exhibitions, seminars, meetings, gatherings, and so on. Promotional items are not a new concept, but they have gained enormous traction as a way to compete for new business and to solidify relationships with existing customers.

Everyone wants to be stand out and do something differently. Promotional items are a phenomenal way to allow a company to express its style and viewpoints in a unique and appealing manner. Don’t mistakenly believe that promotional items are available to large companies only. Small- and medium-sized companies can get exceptional return on investment using promotional products.

promotional products

Promotional products run the spectrum – but if you are balancing budget with bang-for-the-buck, take a look at the mighty pen. Today's pens are great-looking and are nearly a luxury ride with their smooth-writing inks. They are easily customized to promote your brand and your business. They can be used in so many different ways to promote your business: Have your company name and logo engraved on a stylish pen and then distribute them freely at the next trade show.

Seeking to be even that much more special? Gift your annual-function's guest speaker not only with a gorgeous flower bouquet, but an equally memorable branded pen engraved with the person’s name and your company's logo.

promotional pens

Here you are achieving two targets with a single attempt. You are giving that important person special recognition and at the same time you are promoting your brand. Interesting, isn’t it?

And so much more awaits: Coffee mugs, photo frames, table clocks, and paper weights are other great promotional items. Their enduring presence will help you achieve the target result, as well as provide wonderful utility to the user, your customer.

how to use promotional products

And here's an industry secret: Promotional items are more affordable than traditional advertising, and possess an enviable shelf-life. Your promo piece will cost you less, but will repeatedly deliver – each and every time your customer picks up that pen imprinted with your company's name; fills that coffee mug that is sporting your logo; or joins a foursome wearing that golf shirt with your company's name embroidered on it. 

>If you are participating in any exhibitions, trade shows, conferences or simply to give away to your every-day customers, you can easily opt for promotional items to give your company a kind of exposure that is not easily achieved through traditional advertising.

When making your promotional purchases, keep some things in mind: Make sure that the promotions company you are choosing to work with have the relevant skills and expertise to handle your job and repeat business (and this includes customization). Otherwise, the end result will be something that you did not sign up for! It is always best to opt for a company that knows its trade and has professionals who are expert in the required field(s). Take no chances here! 

>So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make the most of the wide world of promotions. We know you will be happy with the results!

Post by:The above article has been edited by Liz Hoskinson and Shelly Brown.