Four Smart Ways To Use Promotional Bags

Promotional bags are just what you need to give that extra push to your brand into the world, one customer at the time. Send them home with the right representation of your business and you will be doing your self a favor. We have put together four smart ways to use promotional bags. We hope you will see the great benefits that this popular item can bring to your business

1. Reward your customer after a purchase.

Show your customers appreciation with a small detail. Surprise them with a free promotional bag after a buy, or, create a campaign in which you advertise that you are giving them away after buying something. You can also develop a point-reward system to encourage them to come back.

Reward your customer after a purchase

Guaranteed to boost your sells.

2. Hand them out for events.

Sports events, company picnics, holiday parties, grand openings, or any event will see great benefits from a well crafted promotional bag, add the details and your company logo, and you have the perfect pre-event advertising and post-event commemorative item. Look for community and charity events, become a sponsor and give away bags with your company logo on them. You will have a crowd of people walking around and creating brand awareness.

Hand them out for events

The best part about this, you are promoting your company while helping a good cause.

3. Turn them into a trademark.

When your customers buy something from you, they are most likely going to walk out of your store with a bag in their hands, many times, a plastic generic bag. Why not turn this into a promotional item?

Come up with a unique design that will represent your brand, and even better, make it re-usable. These days, you can see more and more earth conscious people bringing their own bags into the stores, chances are they will use your bags on a regular basis, even when going to a different store.

Turn them into a trademark

Your brand will suddenly show up everywhere.

4. Use them as an extra tool on tradeshows.

It’s always hard to stand up in a tradeshow. There are hundreds of booths giving away their hottest products for everyone to take. You will be one step ahead of everybody by bringing some large size comfortable promotional bags. People can walk around all day collecting free items from other booths and using your bags to carry them, not only promoting your brand, but most likely drawing other attendees to your booth.

Use them as an extra tool on tradeshows

Give them a reason to come to you, and you will have a better chance to show the rest of your products

Always be conscious of your customer base and your target audience before launching any campaign. If you send the wrong message, you will not see any benefits out this great item. Be smart, do your research and start taking advantage of the marketing opportunities that promotional bags give you.