Environmentally Conscious Paper - In time for Earth Day!

The times they are changing, and The Mines Press is changing too.

We have always take pride of being a family owned business, therefore, we put special attention in the quality of our products and in the way our customers will benefit from them. This is why we are constantly improving and searching for new products you've been looking for.

After researching the industry, it seemed obvious that the next step should be moving towards giving you more environmentally conscious options.

We have done our homework and we have found two new kinds of paper that we are incorporating to our current catalog.

The best part about them is that they are not only environmental friendly; they are budget friendly as well.

Since we now have this great paper in our hands, we are working on making it available to you. The first products we will be using are printed envelopes.

Every business uses envelopes daily, and they carry away the image of your company with them. Your business will have a better image overall just by using environmentally conscious envelopes. Your customers and partners will know how much you care

Let us show you what we are working on:

Thermo Mechanical Pulping (TMP): Traditional paper is made form Kraft pulp.

Kraft pulp has to go through a chemical process in order to refine the wood fibers. This process also gets rid of lignin. What’s left after this process represents only a 45% of the original wood fiber. Yes, the rest goes to waste.

The TMP process uses a combination of mechanical grinding and heat. It doesn’t get rid of lignin, and it retains 90% of the wood fiber.

Thermo Mechanical Pulping

Sugar Cane by-products (Bagasse): Completely made from sugar cane by-product. This eco-friendly product is 100% tree-free; it has no wood or wood fibers in it.

Bagasse is usually burned after the sugar refining process. Now we are able to stop the waste and turn it into paper.

Sugar Cane by-products

We have great hopes for these new products and we are currently working on putting together a great eco-friendly line that will satisfied all your paper needs.