Creating Numbered Raffle Tickets with InDesign [Tutorial]

In this tutorial, we’ll explain how to do an easy setup in InDesign for automatically numbered raffle tickets. We will look at the handy “Data Merge Tool,” which is a great time-saver. Let’s jump into this quick tutorial!

Step 1

Open a new document in InDesign and deselect Facing Pages, choose a width of 5.5 in and a height of 2.13 with a vertical orientation. Make sure your margins are set to zero, then click OK. Step 1

Step 2

Next we will import our pre-designed raffle image. For the purpose of this tutorial we will be using a pdf that was created using Adobe Illustrator (Download pdf File). Place this pdf into the document by going to (File > Place) browse from the file and click Open.

Step 2

You should see a miniature image show up in the document close to your cursor. Just click anywhere within the page to finally place it.

Step 2.1

Step 3

Open your Layers window. If it is not already open, open it by going to (Window > Layers). Rename the layer with the placed pdf 'Background' and then create a new layer and name it 'Numbering'. Lock the 'Background' layer. Then select the 'Numbering' Layer. Step 3

Step 4

Using the Type Tool (T) add your numbering. Step 4

Step 5

Now it's time to create the numbering merge. Go to (Window > Automation > Data Merge) and then (Select Data Source...) select the file 1000.txt (Download txt File). Step 5 Step 5.1

Step 6

Using the Type Tool (T) highlight one of the numbering areas then double click on the merged data field. Repeat this process on the other numbered area.

Step 6

At this point you can check the box next to Preview on the bottom of the Data Merge window and see your numbers realtime. You can also advance thru records to test that everything is A-ok. Step 6.1

Step 7

Next it is time to export the merged data to a single pdf. Do this by selecting (Export to PDF) from the Data Merge window.

Step 7

Make sure to have 'All Records' and 'Single Record' selected. Step 7.1


Now you have a .pdf file with 1000 numbered raffle ticket pages. Send it to your printing company. They should be able to impose and prepare this file for printing.

Final Raffle PDF

I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial. Click here to download all the files included in this tutorial, including the InDesign file.

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