Bored with your Business Card?

Are you bored with your business card? Maybe you just need to refresh it with a clean and minimalistic aproach. We've scoured the net in search of awesome and cutting edge designs that aren't too hard to pull off. Here are 10 fresh ideas to spark your inspiration and the reasons why we think they are so great.

1. White Type

We are creatures of habit and we are simply not use to it, we’ve been writing on a white piece of paper since we were kids, and we’ve only seen this format on edgy T-shirts or on marketing campaigns trying to make a statement. So yeah, use a dark colored card with white typography and your information will stand out.

White Type

2. Die Cut

Step out of the business card boring boxy look, and add some playfulness to your cards using die cuts. This technique will give you multiple options to customize your business card. Make some die cuts on the right places and your brand will be in the best shape of its life.

Die Cut

3. Textured Paper

It’s true that “everything comes through the eyes”, but, it’s getting really hard to be noticed when everybody is overloading our eyes with images. Why not take advantage of our sense of touch by adding some texture to your business cards.

textured business card paper

4. Muti-Purpose

Don’t let your business card get lost in the bunch, turn them into something else. A gadget, and envelope, a game, a 3D image, a coaster, or anything that you can think of. Get creative and make your cards as unique and functional as you can, after all, those are qualities any company would like to showcase. 

Multi Purpose

5. Hidden Messages

Well this is just cool looking. Using a UV coating on your business card that can reveal another message with a slight tilt of the card. You can showcase your logo or an important message at a first glimpse, and then deliver the rest of the information. Everybody wants to show or pass around something cool. It’s a great way to add a modern look to your brand.

Hidden Messages

6. Old School

If modern is not a good fit for your brand; these vintage style business cards might be just perfect for you. They will give you that timeless classic look that a trusted company needs or a more edgy-hipster look for a new trendy start up company.

Old School

7. Deboss It

This technique can make any business card look classy when applied tastefully; it adds texture and depth without having to overdesign them. It’s a great option to keep it clean, simple and elegant.

Deboss It

8. Use Icons

These days we are living in a fast paced world, constantly getting information from all fronts. This is why we need to grab people’s attention in a split second. Using eye-catching icons could do a lot more for you than written words. Just get their attention and show them how to find you.

Use Icons

9. Edge Painting

This is a fantastic extra feature to add a bold pop of color to your business cards. You are not just adding color to your cards cause they also work great as a display. Any booth or desk will look cool with a stack of cards like these.

Edge Painting

10. Vertical

The whole idea of this article is to step out of the box and try different things. So go ahead and mix it up with a less predictable vertical business card design. It’ll show that you are willing to try something new, and it’ll give you a fresh take and a different vibe from the norm.

Make it Vertical

In the end it all depends on the message that you want put out there. There are many options, but there’s always one that will show the best of you. So keep this in mind for the next time you get your business cards printed. Don’t settle for what’s been done and your business will move one step forward every time you hand out one of your cards.

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