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Relieve Some Stress

For adults and children alike, many neurological conditions come with anxiety and sensory issues. Neurologists have suggested stress balls as a possible coping technique. 

How to choose wine for a party

When I’m not writing blogs, being a mom, and overall superhero, I spend my time selling wine and spirits in a large retail store. The question I’m most frequently asked is “How do I choose wine for my party?!?!”

Kindness Rocks!

A little kindness can go a long way. Play the hide and seek kindness rock game and see just how far.

Never Underestimate the Power of the Handwritten Word

In this frantic life we all lead, a simple note will speak volumes. Let that friend, customer or colleague know they are on your mind. Put a card in their hand. It will put a smile on their face. Guaranteed.

Let’s Get Personal

Hello there. My name is Erica Landis and I’m thrilled to be writing for The Mines Press. ...Put yourself out there. Put your business out there. Let's get personal.

Mugging for Attention

I’m a mug girl. I drink almost everything out of a mug. ...Beverages ground us. They’re the basis of socialization. And the basis for private time.

Frolicking Kittens, Landscapes, and Business Wall Calendars… TIME to Get Started

Putting your company’s name on each and every month with promo calendars will get your company’s name seeping into your customer's minds. 

Printable 2018 Oscar Ballot

Download our printable 2018 Oscar ballot PDF and choose your award picks for the 90th Academy Awards. 

2018 Oscar Movie Poster Fonts

We have yet again decided to take a look into the font faces used in movie posters in this year's Oscar-nominated best picture category.

10 Phrases That Build a Pleasant Work Environment

Build great relationships within your team and the company. These 10 things can be said to your coworkers, team members or employees that can create a better working enviroment.

Basic Excel Tips Everyone Should Know

Many of us use Microsoft Excel everyday while others may only use it from time to time. To help the once in a while user, we put together a list of some of the most essential Excel tips we could think of.

Prepress Guide for Beginners

Here are 10 helpful reminders, tips and tricks to make sure your files are printed successfully and in a timely manor.

The World Wide Web of the Late '90s

The Internet looked a whole lot different in the 1990s! The '90s was a time for experimentation with this new medium that had a ton of limitations: Dial-up modems, tiny bandwidth, low resolution monitors... issues that made web design challenging.

Everyone Loves a Great Sticker

Stickers have and will always be a part of pop-culture and everyday life. If from a brand we adore and just have to show it, to a sticker that just identifies with who we are. From branding fruits to embracing the american family, they are all around us.

5 Popular Pizza Chain Logos Revamped

Everyone loves pizza, but did you notice that 5 popular chains changed their logo? We thought it would be neat to take a look at how their logos have changed to stay current and to appeal to newer generations.

The Mines Press is a Qualified G7 Master

G7 allows print providers to deliver the highest possible color match with less preparation and waste, ultimately providing a higher quality product at a lower cost.  Find out more.

The Desks of Nelson & Murdock and Saul Goodman

Even Nelson & Murdock of Daredevil and James Morgan "Jimmy" McGill (Saul Goodman) of Breaking Bad need professional looking stationery and presentation products...

Why Buy Made-in-America Products?

When you buy American-made products, your dollar is doing much more than you think. You are keeping money in the U.S. and bolstering our economy, while helping to create jobs.  You’ll be standing up for human rights and helping the environment.

Olympic Games Logo Designs 1912 - 2022

Throughout the Olympic Games’ history there have been some beautifully designed logos as well as some seriously awful ones. You be the judge.

How to Repeat Any Object Using the Blend Tool in Illustrator [Tutorial]

Ever wanted to know how to repeat objects made in Adobe Illustrator? This niffy tutorial will step you the simple process of using the blend tool to achieve repetition on just about anything you can think of.