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The World Wide Web of the Late '90s

The Internet looked a whole lot different in the 1990s! The '90s was a time for experimentation with this new medium that had a ton of limitations: Dial-up modems, tiny bandwidth, low resolution monitors... issues that made web design challenging.

Reaching Out to Consumers on the Go: Mobile Sites vs. Mobile Apps

While we certainly recommend making both a mobile site and a native app available to your customers, it's understood that this is not always possible. Small businesses often need to judiciously apply their time...

Benefits of Building a Custom App for Your Business

In order for any business to be successful, it has to provide its customers with the most convenience and the most utility it possibly can. These days, more than half of American adults own smartphones, and pundits predict that 2014 is the year where mobile Internet will overtake desktop...

3 Invaluable Tools for Small Businesses

The process of starting a new business can be challenging. Regardless of your industry or how much experience you have, obstacles can often appear around every corner. A combination of limited manpower, time, and working capital can all factor into operating a small business.

10 More Awesome Online Tools for Web Designers

Times change and so do tools web designers and developers use. Back in 2012 we did a blog post highlighting some of the best free online tools for web design now over a year later we thought it a good idea to update this list with some of our newest favorites.

My 10 Best Free Online Tools for Web Design

Web Design Tools are always handy to a web designer and coder, with tons of features, and fantastic user interface, these tools will make a web designer's life much easier.