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Relieve Some Stress

For adults and children alike, many neurological conditions come with anxiety and sensory issues. Neurologists have suggested stress balls as a possible coping technique. 

Kindness Rocks!

A little kindness can go a long way. Play the hide and seek kindness rock game and see just how far.

Never Underestimate the Power of the Handwritten Word

In this frantic life we all lead, a simple note will speak volumes. Let that friend, customer or colleague know they are on your mind. Put a card in their hand. It will put a smile on their face. Guaranteed.

Mugging for Attention

I’m a mug girl. I drink almost everything out of a mug. ...Beverages ground us. They’re the basis of socialization. And the basis for private time.

Frolicking Kittens, Landscapes, and Business Wall Calendars… TIME to Get Started

Putting your company’s name on each and every month with promo calendars will get your company’s name seeping into your customer's minds. 

Printable 2018 Oscar Ballot

Download our printable 2018 Oscar ballot PDF and choose your award picks for the 90th Academy Awards. 

2018 Oscar Movie Poster Fonts

We have yet again decided to take a look into the font faces used in movie posters in this year's Oscar-nominated best picture category.

Everyone Loves a Great Sticker

Stickers have and will always be a part of pop-culture and everyday life. If from a brand we adore and just have to show it, to a sticker that just identifies with who we are. From branding fruits to embracing the american family, they are all around us.

Spaceballs 2 - The Teaser Poster

We normally don't blog about things we see on our way to work, but when you witness over 30 "Spaceballs 2 - The Search For More Money" Teaser Posters hanging on the walls in a lower Manhattan subway station, you better blog about it!

2016 Oscar Movie Poster Fonts

We love all things "print" here at The Mines Press, so we decided to take a deep look into the font faces used in movie posters in this years Oscar nominated best picture category.

How to Use Promotional Items to Create Brand Awareness

With ever-increasing competition, it is vital that we look out for different ways to stay Number-One in our customers' minds and stay ahead in the game. One such trend is offering promotional items at trade shows, exhibitions, seminars, meetings, gatherings, and so on...

The 3 Most Iconic Promotional T-Shirts of all Time

Promotional t-shirts are always a great way to get exposure for your brand. For most, this is not news. Its a proven promotional product that works. Some promotional t-shirts have become icons. Not just promotional icons. They have become a must-have item for trendy wardrobes...

Eco-Friendly Promotional  Products: It’s Not A Trend, It’s The Right Way To Promote Your Business

Reports show that young adults and college grads are in the front lines of the “green lifestyle”, which means that eco-friendly products have a bright future ahead. If you have a starting small business or you are looking...

The Swag Bag: Better options for your next golf outing.

Generally speaking, swag bags at golf outings suck. Aside from a sleeve of golf balls, and maybe some tees, the majority of them get left behind or tossed out. The usual choices of a few plastic ball markers, or cheap divot repair tools don't usually interest golfers. They're boring and they...

Four Smart Ways To Use Promotional Bags

Promotional bags are just what you need to give that extra push to your brand into the world, one customer at the time. Send them home with the right representation of your business and you will be doing your self a favor. We have put together four smart ways to use promotional bags...

4 Ways To Use Promotional Products

Creating brand awareness is a critical step for any company, and promotional items are a very effective way to accomplish that task. We’ve put together a few ideas on how to use these products in a way that you will show appreciation for your existing customers, while sending...

Lenticular Printing - How to get your artwork ready.

In the printing industry we use lenticular technology to turn plain images into something much more interesting by adding depth and movement to your images. Lenticular effects will give you different options to stand out if you are searching for promotional products that are eye catching...

5 Top Corporate Holiday Gift Ideas

Corporate Holiday Gifts have been a long time standard among the corporate world. Never underestimate the value of this tradition. For years, companies have branded their logos and advertised themselves with gifts to leave an impression on the receiving end. These gifts...

The Most Creative Swag of All Time [INFOGRAPHIC]

Are you looking for ways to stand out at your next trade show? If so, you're in the right place. We've put together a list containing some of the most creative swag of all time.

Five steps to jump start your marketing efforts this week [INFOGRAPHIC]

Here's an infographic we made to help get small businesses moving in the right direction. We know marketing a small business isn't always easy. You've got 42 other responsibilities and there is only so many hours...