Frolicking Kittens, Landscapes, and Business Wall Calendars… TIME to Get Started

2019 Logo Wall Calendars

Written by Erica Landis

Ahhh, the promise and possibilities of a new year! Twelve GIANT months ahead of you to accomplish so much! Those squares on your new calendar will be penciled and starred and circled. Doctors appointments, vacations, weddings, communions, graduations, bar-mitzvahs, anniversaries…it’s endless.

Your new calendar is how you will remember all this stuff spinning in your head. Or in that pile of paperwork by your coffeemaker that you swear you’re going to sort out. But instead, you keep adding more to the pile.

A wall calendar as a year-end gift from companies I have done business with is always a welcome surprise in my mailbox. I flip through the glossy pages right away.  Will it be twelve months of exotic vacation spots? Will it be kittens in baskets? Will it be inspirational quotes to ponder?

I’ll hang my wall calendar in my kitchen. My husband will stare at it nightly, as he non-chalantly eats a popsicle. He’ll stare at it again in the morning while holding a cup of coffee. He will no doubt say at least one of the following statements…

“That party is THIS weekend?!?”

“Did you just make THAT doctor appointment?!?!”

“Do we HAVE to go this thing on Sunday?!?”

There’s something about seeing our days laid out in front of us in neat little boxes. Something comforting. Something predictable. And while we all know the days don’t always play out the way we’d like them to, a calendar gives us a home base. A way to organize our jumble of responsibilities and places to be and things to do. And all those squares dangling from the glossy photo of kittens, monkeys, beaches, food porn, city skylines…you name it. There’s a calendar for everything that appeals to our inner psyche.

I’m sure my husband isn’t the only one who likes to stare at the calendar. I think we all like to take that zen-like break a few times a day. A few moments to feel like we’ve got our lives together. We know what we’re doing and when we’re doing it.

Putting your company’s name on each and every month with promotional wall calendars will get your company’s name seeping into our crowded minds. While we gaze lovingly at those frolicking kittens while simultaneously trying to figure out how to avoid going to that cousin’s wedding, your business wall calendar will be staring right back at your customers.

2019. It’s coming. Some days will be glorious. Some days will be drudgery. But these, as the soap opera says, are “the days of our lives.” Make sure your business name is there too!

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5/21/2018 4:22 PM

YESS! This is exactly how I feel about calendars. Anything to make me feel like I actually have my life together. I wonder what the topic of my 2019 calendar will be?!