Report Covers

Use these custom report covers to add a touch of sophistication to any printed presentation. Our personalized 1 and 2-piece report covers are available printed in 1, 2 or full-color or foil stamped in gold or silver.

Report Covers

Personalized Report Covers for Attorneys 

There is no better way to highlight your firm's hard work than with a custom printed report cover. Not only do they come across as very professional, but they add value to your effort by pulling together your firm’s brand and making an impactful impression.

At the Mines Press, you have the option of choosing from our varied imprint styles or sending us your own letterhead. If you choose to use your letterhead, we will design your personalized report cover to match your existing branding style – at no additional charge.

Our most popular 1 and 2-piece report covers were designed to work with any popular binding method, including: VeloBind®, plastic combs or wire binding.