Ask the Expert: Can Social Media be effective for Insurance Agents

insurance agents using social media

Here at the Mines Press, we’ve been helping small business fulfill all their printing and promotional needs for quite sometime and now, thanks to social media, we are able to share information and tips with you, as well as getting some much needed feedback.

In an effort to keep helping you, we thought it’d be a good idea to share some tips on how to use social media to grow your business, and the great benefits that come with it.

In order to do it right, we reached out to an expert in this matter.

Linda Rey, from The Rey Insurance Agency Inc. has become an influential person for her industry through social media and has at the moment almost 10,000 followers on twitter @ReyInsurance.

One of the things that set Rey Insurance apart from the rest is Linda’s presence as the voice of her company in social media. We asked Linda to help us with an interview and this is what she shared with us...

MP- How did you become active on social media?

LR-In 2009, a dear friend of mine, @JannMirch, was launching an “E-marketing Bootcamp” asked me to sit in on the webinar to see what I thought. We still laugh that she “created a monster”.

MP- Were you active before you start using it as a business resource?

LR- Not even a little.

MP- When did you start using it as a business resource?

LR- Immediately. It clicked for me that this is a form of advertising with the cost being TIME as a way to build a network, community and a presence.

MP- You are already the voice of your company but I know you’ve recently become the head of your company as well, are you thinking of taking a different approach?

LR- My sister and I own the business and partner on most decisions; but yes, I handle the marketing. I don’t see us ceasing or reducing our efforts on social media. I find it fun, entertaining and productive if you are using follow up as a means for communicating with potental future customers.

MP- Do you make an effort to separate your personal life and your business when approaching social media?

LR- For the most part, NO...people run businesses and people want to do business with people. Therefore, we feel that people want to know who is the person “behind the curtain”... SHOW YOUR PERSONALITY!!!! I think people want a personal, approachable contact with other people they do business with.

MP- What are the pitfalls or being so socially active? And, what would you recommend others to do to avoid them?

LR- BIG pitfall is if others think you have a network and are active, they want you to post their stuff so they get traction. That takes time and you don’t want to dilute your credibility with the nature of your posts.

MP- You have become a real influential person for your industry on twitter, is that your favorite platform? If so, why?


#1. I have a lot to say!

#2. It’s like therapy!

#3. People EXPECT a busy feed. It’s no nonsense and not for the

MP- How much time a day do you invest in social media, is it scheduled?

LR- That’s my downfall, it’s not scheduled. That’s like tying one arm behind my back!!! ;-) I do need to start but part of the success I’ve had is putting it out there when it happens. Makes it more timely.

MP- Would you say that social media has helped your company grow?

LR- Well, it has certainly added to the bottom line but just like you can’t wait for the phone to ring, we wouldn’t wait for a post/comment/tweet to stick.

MP- What’s the biggest change you’ve seen since you started using social media on your business?

LR- More recognition and request for insight/feedback/expert writing opportunities.

MP- Do you have any tips on how to measure this? What tools do you use?

LR- GOOGLE ANALYTCS would allow you to see how people are finding you and facebook, twitter, linkedin would be listed. We source our new business in our database to know how they find us. So then we can run a report to see how people are finding us.

MP- Do you have any clients that you’ve acquired that you probably wouldn’t have before social media interactions?


MP- If you could give out one word of wisdom to a company that is just getting started with social media what would that be?


I’ve always said “The Bottom Line is to Stay Top of Mind”

It’s about creating conversation even if not all about business so people think of you as a resource because you are personable and approachable.

Rey Insurance Agency is a family owned, and now women-owned, independent agency located in Sleepy Hollow.  Laura and Linda Rey bought the business from their father, Frank J. Rey, CLU.  The Rey Insurance Agency seeks to provide comprehensive insurance solutions through a consultative approach to not only protect assets but also offer peace of mind.  We try to translate the values of a family-owned and operated business to create a comfortable and trustworthy venue for businesses, individuals and families.