The Shortcut to Recognition: 5 Quick Tips For Great Logo Design For Small Businesses

Your logo is not your brand; it’s a visual representation of what your brand stands for. It’s a snapshot of its identity and a mental shortcut to recognition.A well-crafted logo can be the difference between succeeding in winning your customers hearts and failing in achieving appreciation.

Small businesses who are just starting up sadly often overlook the logo design process, shortening their chances of creating brand awareness and product expansion from day one.

We have put together 5 quick tips for great logo design. We will show you tricks and tools that you can use to create a memorable logo that will set you up for success and will make your brand stand strong in the long run.

1. Design the logo to work in a single color

Start with the simplest form to ensure the logo will look good on anything. Remember any logo should be able to be scaled to as small as an inch in size and still be readable. Single color logos end up being less expensive to print in the long run.

single color logo examples

2. Create that logo in a vector format

Use a vector application like adobe illustrator, rather then a raster application like photoshop. This way it can be scalable without losing quality, retaining it's crisp appearance on any product you may choose to print it on. Be it a business card or a large banner.

vector image example

3. Use appropriate fonts

Choosing a typeface can be tricky. First and foremost, you should start by thinking how you want your audience to react to the text. Certain typefaces and reflect certain emotions. Choose one that best fits your business.

Legibility and readability is very important as well. Combining type style, size, tracking, leading and text color all combine into one overall impression.

You can find some great free online tools, including a font finder, on an article that we recently posted on our blog.

typeface font example

4. Keep it simple

A popular acronym in the design world KISS, which stands for Keep It Simple, Stupid. Keeping an aim towards simplicity rather than complexity can take a logo a long way and be attractive on a variety of promotional products.

KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid

5. Overall, make it functional

Since it will most likely be used on the web, as well as on a variety of marketing materials, your logo must represent your company in many different contexts and still get the message across.

functional logo examples

In an article posted by the small business section of The Age, designer Vince Frost lays down what he calls “the new rules of logo design”, and he gives away a simple set of questions and rules to keep in mind when designing a logo, here they are

  • Keep your logo simple and bold.
  • Look at scalability – does it work at the scale of an app button? Does it work in black and white? Can it be animated?
  • Does it feel appropriate for the market?
  • Does it have longevity?
  • It is something you would be happy to wear on a T-shirt?

We are confident that if you follow these tips your brand will be better represented, and your business will keep growing everyday.