4 Ways To Use Promotional Products

Creating brand awareness is a critical step for any company, and promotional items are a very effective tool to accomplish that task.

We’ve put together a few ideas on how to use these products in a way that will show appreciation for your existing customers, while sending a message out that will give exposure to your brand:

1. Welcome new customers to your website

You only have one chance to make a first impression; make sure is a good one.

There are multiple reasons for new customers to sign up on a website: special offers, newsletters, inside information, special accounts for frequent clients, etc.  Let them know that they are welcome and show your appreciation with a small detail that could go a long way. If they have a good experience, not only will they keep doing business with you, but also, they may even tell their colleagues and friends just how great your company is.

Gift ideas: Promotional custom pens, greetings tri-fold calendars.

biceagle tri-fold calendar

2. Thank customers for referrals

There’s nothing better for your business than a happy customer saying good things about you, whether is about the great quality of your products or about their experience overall. This is a big deal, not only they are loyal customers, they are also helping you get new businesses.

Make you sure to ask  your new customers how do they know about you, if you hear a familiar name it’s rewarding time!

Gift Ideas: Times Square coaster set, Paramount brief.

coaster setparamount brief

3. You haven’t heard from your customers in a while.

Sometimes we try so hard to get new customers that we let our current customers fly under the radar. The last thing you want to do is to be forgotten. If you haven’t heard from a customer in a while, remind them that you are still there. Reach out and show them what you are working on, new sales and promotions, and send them a promotional gift. Remind them how much you appreciate their business. It might put you back on the top of their re-ordering list.

Gift ideas: Insulated lunch bag, Koozie can kooler.

insulated lunch bagcan koozies

4. Surprise your customers.

Keeping your customer base feeling appreciated will bring you great benefits. Don’t wait for an event or a reason to send your customers a gift. Everybody loves surprises, and the best gifts often are. Send them a promotional product “just because” every once in a while, just to let them know that you care.

Gift ideas: Bella 15oz. glossy ceramic mug, 8-function stainless steel knife

bella glossy ceramic mugstainless steel knife

These are only a few examples on how to use promotional products.

Say “welcome”,  “Thank you” , “we miss you” or simply "surprise" with these promotional ideas and your customers will not forget about you.

Remember that a happy customer will always come back for more.

Stay tune, we will be presenting more ideas on how to use promotional products very soon!