10 Phrases That Build a Pleasant Work Environment


Build great relationships within your team and the company. The following 10 simple things can be said to your coworkers, team members or employees to maintain or create a pleasant environment.

Great job!

Everyone wants recognition and to be appreciated. In a busy workplace it is easy to get lost in only what went wrong. But what about all that went right? Take a moment each day to let someone know they are doing a great job. Everyone wants to feel valued and needed as it helps to build confidence and self-esteem.

Thank You!

Being genuinely polite builds trust and loyalty. It costs nothing and goes a long way. A lack of politeness, on the other hand, just brings negativity to the workplace.


Everyone makes mistakes. Owning up to your mistakes builds trust within the team.

Great effort.

You can’t always “hit it out of the park.” If someone made a mistake, recognize that they tried their best. Positive reinforcement goes a long way.

Can I get your opinion on this?

When we ask for someone's opinion it shows respect for their expertise. Involving someone in your work also reenforces a team atmosphere.

I told “someone” what a great job you did.

Make your team member’s or employee’s ears ring. Do you feel that someone did a great job? Share it with someone else. Most people will be appreciative to know that a coworker or employer spoke highly of them. 

Can I help you with anything?

Ask your team members or employees if there is anything you can help them with. Let them know you are there for them.

I have faith in you.

Let your coworkers and your team know that you trust in their abilities.

How could we do this better?

Show that you're open to input. There are many ways to get a job done. When you collaborate you’ll find that perfect compromise that makes the team happy and also achieves the best results.

How are you?

Last but not least, ask people how they are. Many people say hello and follow it up with a “how are you,” but they are not actually asking. Really ask someone how they are doing and wait for a response. All too many people ask this question and keep walking. Personally, I have come to have a greater respect for my fellow coworkers as some have shared stories of great joy, while some have shared sad personal events, such as a family member’s death. You never know what someone is going through. 

Have a wonderful day, and make it a great day for someone else.

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