10 More Awesome Online Tools for Web Designers

Times change.... and so do tools web designers and developers use. Back in 2012 we did a blog post highlighting some of the 10 best free online tools for web design, now over a year later we thought it would be a good idea to update this list with some of our newest favorites.

1. Evernote

Great tool to capture great snippets of design when you see them and catalog to use for inspiration later.


2. MeasureIt

Useful Chrome plugin to measure any element on a webpage in pixels.


3. Balsamiq

Quickly wireframe your layouts before getting into heavy designs.


4. What the Font

Have an image from a clients of what they want a font to look like. Upload it to this site and get some recommendations on what fonts to use.

What the Font

4. Kuler

Try out, create and save various color schemes.


5. Bootstrap

One of the most popular frameworks for developers right now.


6. Dropbox

Share files with clients or co-workers with ease.


7. 0 to 255

Need to find that perfect shade of a color? 0 to 255 will help you find that perfect variation you need.

0 to 255

8. Dribbble

Get your design inspiration on… Search by terms or colors to see other designers work.


9. Iconmonstr

Huge catalog of ready made icons to use and get inspiration from.


10. Palette

Need to create a palette of colors from a photograph. This handy Chrome plugin will do just that.


We hope these suggestions help with your future designs. Check back to our blog often for new posts!