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Five steps to jump start your marketing efforts this week

Having troubles finding the time to execute all those awesome marketing ideas you have? We get it. Running a small business is tough. It’s not always easy to get those great ideas going when you are busy with the day to day duties of a business owner.

We often find ourselves in a similar scenario. It’s easy to get lost among the printing presses or working on new promotional products. That’s why we stick to the basics, using our resources to make sure we always have a list of achievable marketing goals. Its great to have big goals but its equally important to set smaller goals for your short term plans.

Here’s five things any small business owner can do this week to strengthen their marketing efforts. To help us improve our site please take a few minutes to take our 2 minutes survey.

Five Simple Marketing Tips for Small Businesses - Infographic - An infographic by the team at The Mines Press

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