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Business Checks

Printed business checks have rapidly become a must-have product for any business that is trying to compete in the modern world. We offer a variety of 1-Up and 3-Up checks, as well as blank checks for use with today’s most popular accounting software and agency management systems. Get your business checks now and you will increase productivity and reduce costs for your business.

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Discount does not apply to check envelopes.

Checks, security and savings for your business

If you are a business owner in today’s world, you are probably taking a deeper look at the way you are using all of your resources. No detail can be left unattended.

Checks are guaranteed to drastically improve security and cost at the same time.

Business checks will take care of your payroll process, and they can also be used for bill paying.

You can choose any style, design or color that best fit your business; you can also add your company logo and use it as an additional advertising tool.

Printed checks give you the option of proof your checks before printing. This helps eliminate errors and waste.

If you want to reduce risk of theft, there are many security features that can be applied.

There is no need to spend extra money; because checks can be set up with any software that your company is currently using.

At The Mines Press we take check printing very seriously.  

All of our checks are printed on top quality security check paper that incorporates a number of features such as an artificial watermark, invisible UV fibers, chemical sensitivity to bleaches to prevent alterations and toner fuser to prevent tape-lifting.

In addition, we also use a void pantograph background, microprinting, colored borders and a special heat-sensitive thermochromic ink to prevent check fraud.

When you buy our checks you get great quality at a cheap price.

So start saving now!