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Folders (Letter Size)

These custom folders add professionalism to presentations, proposals and reports. Custom printed folders can be also used for filing, organization and more. There are three different stock finish quality options available in this folder: glossy finish, matte finish or marble finish, and they come with two pockets to maximize organization. Leave an impression and protect those important documents with quality custom presentation folders. Professional looking presentation folders can be the difference between an indecisive client and a client that wants your business. Get your custom folders today!

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Protect your Business with Custom Presentation Folders

The standard letter size of this presentation folder makes it ideal for storing and neatly collating nearly any kind of document you may need to keep inside it.

This 8.5" x 11" letter size presentation folder offers you two pockets to store your presentations. In cases where there are several options for your clients to choose from, you can keep each offer as a separate idea and present them distinctly from each other. The differences are often small, and presenting two or three options out of a professional looking presentation folder is crucial when your client is making a final decision.

Three different stock finish quality options are available in this folder: glossy finish, matte finish or marble finish. While one style of finish may be beneficial to one particular type of industry, another finish style may be more useful to another.

Every stock is of equal quality, which means that there is no right or wrong way to have your customized folder made.

The customization does not end with your stock finish options, however, as you can have your name, your company name, company logo and anything else you desire printed in full color or stamped into your custom folders.

With full color printing, you can impress clients with flashy graphics or intrigue them with more subtle and refined graphics options. The words and images you have printed on your custom two pocket folders can be useful in marketing your product or service offerings to customers who may be indecisive. You can provide them with subtly compelling reasons to engage your services by giving them insight into the benefits you offer and implications of how much better their lives will be when they engage with what you can offer them.

The foil stamping element of your custom folders is also impressive to many clients because it demonstrates subtlety and the desire to go beyond the bare minimum. While a lot of folders have something printed on them and some may be printed on using basic means, printed foil says you are serious about your business and are willing to go the extra mile for customer satisfaction and to provide superior quality.

With the full color option you can use with these custom folders, you can match your company's color scheme and you can keep different types of offerings clearly and easily separated from one another. With the ability to separate out different kinds of offerings, you can keep everything organized and offer your customers different options with ease and without fumbling for what they want.

When you buy our custom presentation folders, you get great quality at cheap price, and when your customers see that you have a clear and simple way to offer them what they want based on their individual needs, they will respect your orderliness and be more likely to use you.