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Show your love for Mother Earth. Promote your business with these great eco-friendly products!

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Go Green with Eco Friendly Promotional Products

Eco friendly promotional products are yet another way that we as individuals, communities, and businesses can help to keep the environment safe. At The Mines Press, we offer plenty of different eco-friendly promotional products to fit any need. Some of our items made from recycled materials include notebooks, pens, tote bags, paper pads, Koozies, pen holders, and more! You may feel that you will be limited if you choose to go with Eco friendly promotional products for your next giveaway or corporate gifts, but as you can see, it’s quite the opposite.

Any opportunity where we can help keep the community aware and excited to help the green movement shouldn’t be missed. Our Eco friendly promotional products are great for events for kids, corporate events, and all things Green. Join the effort to make the world a better place by substituting just one or two of your everyday resources with something that has been recycled.

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