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BIC® Promotional Pens

Marcel Bich introduced the first BIC pen back in 1952. Today, over 14 million BIC pens a day are sold worldwide because they're affordable and they write great! These imprinted BIC promotional pens are no exception. They look and write great. You'll be proud to put your name on them!

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BIC has been a leading provider in the world of lighters, shavers, and of course…pens. Custom BIC pens such as the ‘Clic-Stic’ and the ‘Cristal Grip’ have been a hit in offices around the world. The Mines Press has been printing and customizing BIC promotional pens for years now and they are excellent marketing tools for businesses who want to reach out to their clients. Because of the low cost of promotional items like these pens, they serve as one of the top marketing vehicles today. If you’re thinking that custom BIC pens might be right for your company, here are just some of the benefits to choosing them to market your business.

First of all, they are incredibly cost effective. If you compare them to mugs or calendars, you would be able to order hundreds or even thousands of BIC promotional pens, when the same budget will only get you a fraction of that. Secondly, BIC promotional pens are in demand. People don’t have just one pen, they have many. It’s not just that we want pens, but we need them and an office would have a difficult time functioning without them. Lastly, due to their size, they are easy to distribute. You can mail them, pass them out, leave them somewhere where people can choose to take one, etc. Don’t miss the opportunities that custom BIC pens can create for your business.

Let The Mines Press help you customize your BIC promotional pens.